About Us

With years of expereriance in manufacturing and supplying of  handwoven warangal dhurries  from last so many years to the indian exporters made us to bring the dhaaga weaves webshop for new shoping experience to the indians.

The tradition of making Dhurries in Warangal dates back to the Mughal era, when the Mughal army came down to south in Deccan region of India. An army comprising of artists and craftsmen started making carpets and sooner the local people had accepted it as their part of regular income, passed down from one generation to the next for more than hundred years. It is a highly labour intensive rural based cottage industry. 

Warangal is one of such clusters that has a strong identity. Dhurrie weaving is an established industry in Warangal with a large population of skilled weavers and facilities for dyeing.

 The weavers belong to padamasali community and weaving is a hereditary occupation. Pit looms and Frame looms equipped with multi treadles are prevalent. A wide variety of dhurries are woven in cotton, jute and wool for export and home market. The weavers are either organised in cooperatives or work independently.

We belongs to the Padamasali community and  we adopted this art of weaving from our grandfather to My father and we got this art from my  father. This is our third generation we are in this field.

Dhaaga means yarn(thread) in hindi and weaves means making the fabric using different kind of yarns.

Dhaaga weaves is a propreitor based company, company owned by mr. K. Raja mallu is a weaver from his child hood.The art of weaving was came from his father who is done carpets waeaving for indian army in 1960’s from warangal.

Dhaaga weaves online shop to creat more work for the weavers who depend on the work for their livelyhood.

Dhaaga weaves will provide raw materails and all the facilities and give fair wages every fifteen days to the artisans of warangal.

We are not to  make  just ’sales’ but ‘dialogues’ between the craftsmen and their patrons, encouraging ‘co-creation’possibilities and a collective growth.  

We are committed to keeping all the good practices intact and all processes humane, just and ecologically balanced.

Dhaaga Weaves strives to bring the traditions of India to customers all around theworld with its unique creations and products. It not only helps its artisans become wage earners, but also spreads awareness about the traditional crafts of the region, thus helping preserve a rich part of India’s national cultural heritage.

Above all, we want to identify and recognize the faceless artisan

Our final aim and goal to retian the beauty of Indian arts and crafts and skills of our artisans to bring out best quality products to the indian customers.

We are very thankfull for shoping our hand made items on our shop,.

support us and encourage us to bring more arts and crafts.